Services and pricing

Brian Smith - Owner & Lead Trainer

We offer one on one, group, buddy/ small group package, and youth training sessions. Each session lasts approximately 45 minuets.

"One on One" you get individualized attention, focused on your specific needs and goals.

"Buddy/ Small Group Package" you receive the same individualized attention and focus. With having a buddy or small group, you get others to work out with and extra accountability!

"Group Sessions" you are able to come with several others, and participate in a work out regimen you choose to to be part of. The group sessions offer a variety of unique programs, from kickboxing to boot camp style. Each group session offered, is $25-50* per person, depending on session choice. Please contact for further information.

"Youth Training" we offer a vast array of training, geared specifically for the needs of the individual youth we are working with... From sports specific training to health fitness. With "Specified Athletic Training" the prices may vary... Please contact for further information.

*Ask about the "Civil Service" rate on group sessions.

One on one personal training

Sessions Price
1 $35.00
6 $180.00
8 $200.00
12 $275.00

Buddy/small group training

Sessions Price
8 $120.00
12 $150.00

Youth training

Sessions Price
1 $20.00